Blockchain30 is a cryptocurrency hybrid fund
powered by Artificial Intelligence

The worlds most advanced, tokenized blockchain technology hybrid fund
powered by deep learning and algorithmic trading.

Why invest in Blockchain30?

Maximize Your Returns

Cryptocurrency index funds have been proven to perform strongly both in bull and bear market conditions. Reference funds and Blockchain30 backtests show ROIs of up to 10x+ during bull markets, and act as a superior store of value during market depressions (not to mention, an opportunity for the savvy investor to acquire more tokens at a relative discount!)

Reduce Your Risk

Crypto index funds are also among the lowest-risk investments possible in the volatile crypto market. When market conditions are poor, indices tend to hold their value better than conventional tokens. When market conditions are positive, indices see excellent growth in Net Asset Value (NAV) and gain additional value on exchange due to speculation. Maximize your upside, minimize your downside.

Enjoy Unparalleled Convenience

As a Blockchain30 investor you simply hold a single crypto token (the B30 token). Your B30 tokens perfectly represents your position in the underlying cryptoassets which comprise the Blockchain30 fund. You can buy and sell B30 tokens freely on exchanges, view performance and other stats in the B30 investor portal, and keep your B30 tokens safe in the Blockchain30 smart wallet.

Liquidate Your Funds, Hassle-Free

You may liquidate your B30 tokens at the Net Asset Value (NAV) price at any time in exchange for ETH tokens (ETH) via the B30 Investor Portal. The Blockchain30 token represents a highly liquid store of value during busts, and an equally liquid speculative investment during booms. Buy in or cash out anytime.

Leading Edge Security

All funds are purchased and secured using the most sophisticated multi-sig wallet technology, distributed among several locations, and under the custodianship of one of the “Top 3” professional services firms in the world, and trusted B30 partner.

Peace of Mind

Blockchain30 works with a myriad of the world’s top firms and legal outfits (KYC-Chain, Cayman Islands onshore legal counsel, et al) to ensure that we are in full compliance with regulatory, KYC and AML requirements in our jurisdictions of incorporation and investment, and that our investors are protected from legal and regulatory fine print that could sabotage less diligent funds. We spare no expense or hardship to ensure that neither governmental nor legal issues will ever endanger our investors’ funds or good standing as citizens.

Don’t miss out on the blockchain technology revolution

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